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Testimonials: The Art & The Artist

--Lisa Blue. President AAJ 2015.   

--Bruce Stern. Past president of the Belli Society. National Board of Governors of AAJ and NJAJ. Treasurer of AAJ 2015.

"Trevor's legal-themed art is as beautiful as it is inspiring. His "Atticus Finch" is hanging in a prominent spot in my office and I get comment after comment of how beautiful it is. Trevor is a talented artist and an absolute gentleman. I highly recommend him and proudly endorse his work.
--Mark Bello. CEO Lawsuit Financial Corporation.

"Trevor is not only a great artist, he is a great person. He loves his work and it shows. If you have any interest in his art, don’t hesitate to hire or commission Trevor. You will be glad you did. You must see it to believe it."
--Greg Cusimano. Trial Lawyer. Alabama.

"Trevor is a unique artist. His passion for the law and its rich history combined with his artistic genius is a unique combination, inspiring him to create unique works of Law Art. Many of his pieces capture the spirit of the warrior who tirelessly fights in the court room arena protecting, preserving and pursuing the rights of his or her client against enormous odds. I never fail to be inspired by his art work and the story or history behind each of his well-researched works. I highly recommend Trevor to art collectors or any one who loves the law and appreciates art. His artwork in your office or home is something that you will always treasure."
--Diana Santa Maria. Trial Lawyer. Florida

"It was truly an awakening of the visual sense. Perfect material for a PBS special. You must create a DVD - It would be a great loss to leave it only to a limited audience of the AAJ lecture room of this afternoon. However I am happy that I was amongst the fortunate in attendance".
--Michael Maggiano. Trial Lawyer. Fort Lee. NJ.

It was obvious that in all the presentations given over five days, there was not one into which more preparation and thought went than yours. Thank you for your work and giving us the instruction you did. It was extremely worthwhile.” 
--C. J. Regan. Attorney at an AAJ New Orleans convention.

"You are such a great artist. All of my clients comment on your paintings in my office. They love them and I get a chance to share history with them."
--Patrick Arata. Criminal Justice Attorney. Indiana.

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"The credit belongs to the one who is actually in the arena."

Theodore Roosevelt


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