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Lady of heaven, Queen of the earth, Mistress of the underworld, her trinity governs all three realms.

The Egyptian goddess Ma'at personifies truth and justice, equity and ethics. The white ostrich feather which graces her headdress was used to denote "truth" in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The gods themselves are constrained to live by her law. As the veritable "Chief Justice," she is always present at the weighing of the heart of the deceased before they are sent to their appropriate afterlife. Unlike the harsh commands of later patriarchal gods, Ma'at extended kindness to the suffering and justice without vengeance as the lawgiver of ancient Egypt. 

Painting her in a contemporary manner, as portrayed here, is but to acknowledge her lasting power in the Pantheon of the law. Great is Ma'at, the mighty and unalterable!

Painting of Ma'at.
Ma'at. 12" x 18". 1997. Collection of James Vigmond. Oatley Vigmond Barrie Ont. Canada.

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